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Bobbie Steinbach Shines In Golda’s Balcony

Golda’s Balcony

The New Repertory Theatre

Reviewed by Bobby Franklin

Bobbie Steinbach
(Photo: Andrew Brilliant/Brilliant Pictures)

The New Rep Theatre production of Golda’s Balcony playing through April 16th at the Mosesian Center for the Arts in Watertown is simply outstanding. The story about the life of Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir that centers on the events surrounding the 1973 Arab-Israeli War also delves into the life of Golda Meir and the history of how Israel came into being.

If ever there was an actor suited for a role it is Bobbie Steinbach as Golda Meir.

The one person play directed by Judy Braha with Bobbie Steinbach in the title role relates Ms Meir’s journey from Russia to Milwaukee, where she married and became a school teacher, to her move to Israel where she was elected that country’s only female Prime Minister. It is a story of struggle and determination that is also filled with much humor. It is also a reminder of how close Israel came to being destroyed in 1973, and how Golda Meir through guts, determination, and hard nosed negotiations with the United States was able to secure the weapons needed to defend her country against its aggressors and prevent World War III. The philosopher Eric Hoffer once said “As it goes with Israel so will it go with all of us.” After watching this production there is little doubt about the truth of those words.

Bobbie Steinbach
(Photo: Andrew Brilliant/Brilliant Pictures)

If ever there was an actor suited for a role it is Bobbie Steinbach as Golda Meir. She is outstanding from start to finish, moving about the stage telling the story and recreating conversations. To say this is a riveting performance would not be an overstatement.

Golda’s Balcony with Ms Steinbach has everything you could want in an evening of theatre. A fine actor playing an amazing woman whose historical significance is not to be overlooked. The pain, the tears, the laughter, and conflict that comes when, as Ms Meir asks “What happens when idealism becomes power?”

It is a story that should be heard by all, and you won’t find a better telling of it than the one now playing at the New Rep. Don’t miss Bobbie Steinbach in Golda’s Balcony.

Golda’s Balcony
Playing through April 16th
The New Repertory Theatre at
The Mossesian Center For The Arts
617.923.8487 newrep.org




MARCH 25-APRIL 16, 2017

New Repertory Theatre presents Golda’s Balcony, March 25-April 16, 2017 in the Mainstage Theater at the Mosesian Center for the Arts, 321 Arsenal Street, Watertown, MA.

“As one of the first democratically elected female heads of state, Golda Meir’s historic rise cannot be understated,” says Artistic Director Jim Petosa. “Golda’s Balcony is a cornerstone in a season we’ve entitled Prologue, as we look back through history to inform the present. At a time when our current political environment is in flux and America’s standing on the world stage is at a critical juncture, it is illuminating to produce plays that continue to examine today through the lens of the past.”

Bobbie Steinbach

“New Rep is thrilled to welcome back Bobbie Steinbach to our stage after appearing in a number of productions over the years including most recently our smash-hit revival of Fiddler on the Roof last December,” says Managing Director Harriet Sheets. “Bobbie brings with her a creative energy that is unmatched in the Greater Boston theatre community, and we welcome all to join us for our much- anticipated production of Golda’s Balcony this spring.”

Golda’s Balcony follows Golda Meir from her humble beginnings as a Wisconsin school teacher to her meteoric rise through Israel’s early political system, becoming one of the world’s first elected female heads of state and one of the most influential women in Israel’s history.

Tickets are $30-$59 and may be purchased by calling the New Rep Box Office at 617-923-8487 or visiting newrep.org. Student, senior, and group discounts are available.