About Us

Boxing Over Broadway arose out of a number of discussions writers Bobby Franklin and Mike Silver have had over the years that dealt with our dismay over the loss of the Art of Boxing, once known as the Manly Sport of Self Defense. Mike has even written a book on the subject entitled The Arc of Boxing, The Rise and Decline of the Sweet Science. Over the course of these conversations both men came to view boxing more as an art then a sport. Bobby, a longtime follower of theatre and more recently a theatre reviewer and boxing columnist, along with Mike,  began to see many similarities between the art of theatre and boxing. Boxing has been a common theme in movies, theatre, and music. Both are also alike in that they are performed on a stage in a darkened venue under lighting.

There has for a long time been a bond between those in the world of acting and boxing. Both boxer and actor have to stand on their respective stages and face their audiences while getting their performances right the first time. It is both frightening and thrilling for them to be out there when that bell rings or the curtain rises, to face the audience and know they are now committed to seeing their performance through to the end. They both must hide their fears and overcome their self doubts. Both are rewarded at the end when the people stand and cheer their talent, or, sometimes, they must accept public failure and be prepared to pick themselves up off of the canvas and begin again. If you were to interview a boxer after a fight and an actor after being on stage you would most likely hear many similar comments.

In the days, weeks, months, and years that follow we will be publishing work that will look at both of these arts as well as other forms of artistic expression in a unique and interesting way that we hope will pique an interest in our readers to think more deeply about what happens and has happened on both of these stages. We hope to arouse a curiosity in our readers that will motivate them to look into the parts of the performing arts world, and that world includes boxing, that they may not have paid attention too, so they may, too, gain an appreciation for the wonderful work that is being presented just about every day someplace not far from where they live.

This site is about having fun and getting enjoyment from the arts. As time goes on contributors will be added and the horizons expanded. The goal is to make this as interesting and exciting for our readers as it is for those who are contributing.